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International Projects

 Project title: B-WISE


Timeframe: 48 months, 01/2021-12/2024

Field of activities: employment

Objective: Project B-WISE will deploy EU strategy on working skills in social enterprises for better working integration (WISE). Project's special focus is development of digital skills.

Project leads two organistions EASPD and ENSIE with partnerships:

• 16 WISE
• 13 educational institutions
• 1 Europian research institute

(Co-)funding: Erasmus+



Project title: ZERO COERCION

Project start date – end date: November 2019 - October 2021

Field of activities: schizophrenia, mental health

Objective: increasing the competences of people with schizophrenia, relatives and mental health professional for handling schizophrenia crisis in domiciliary environments through the use of strategies alternative to coercion

Role in the project: partner

Partners: Fundación Santos Andrés, Santiago y Miguel, FSASM (Spain), Psichikos Sveikatos Perspektyvos Viesoji Istaiga, PSP (Lithuania), Fundatia Estuar (Romania), EDRA (Greece), Estonian Wellbeing and Recovery College (Estonia), Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (Greece)

• development of the training methodology
• creation of training materials for focus groups
• development of an e-Training Platform
• implementation of the validation pilot actions

(Co-)funding: Erasmus+


Project title: Linking Partners to Share Good Practices for Social Inclusion of People with Mental Health Problems

Project start date – end date: 1st December 2018 – 30th November 2020

Field of activities: Inclusion of adults with mental health problems into their communities and into the labour market
Role in the project: partner

Partners: ISM, Consorzio SGS, EPIONI, Clinic of Vrapče

• Exchange of good practices and experiences between many European countries
• Reduction of stigma
• Better inclusion of people with mental health problems into the communities and the labour market

(Co-)funding:  Erasmus+


Project title: RISEWISE - Rise Women with disabilities in Social Engagement

Project start date – end date: 1st June 2019 – 31st August 2020

Field of activities: Rights of women with disabilities

Role in the project: partner

• Identifying best practices of inclusion of women with disabilities in the society in several EU countries
• Inclusion of women with disabilities in different activities
• Empowering their competences and improving their quality of life

(Co-)funding: © 2017 Risewise - RISE Women with disabilities In Social Engagement - “This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 690874.


Project title: INNO-WISE

Project start date – end date: 1st July 2017 – 31st June 2020

Field of activities: Social enterprises

Role in the project: partner

• Improvement of skills and entrepreneurial competences of ŠENT and other organisations with management framework, flexible ICT platform and training programs

(Co-)funding: European Union, program of Interreg Central Europe INNO-WISEs (European Regional Development Fund)


Project title: PERMIND: Permaculture applied in the recovery process of people with mental illness

Duration: 2017 – 2019

Field of activities: permaculture, mental health

Role in the project: partner

Partners: Fundación INTRAS (Spain), ADP, SENT, EKP&PSY, CHANGEMAKER

• Technical curriculum (for teachers and social workers)
• Exchange of knowledge
• Managing the land
• Didactic application and platform for e-learning
• Reducing stigma (destigmatisation)

(Co-)funding: Erasmus+



Project title: TABLO - Training staff in the use of the Arts for benefits of patients with long-term conditions

Project start date – end date: 1st September 2015 – 1st September 2018

Field of activities: Training for social workers to work with people with mental health difficulties using artistic activities

Role in the project: partner

Partners: ŠENT - Slovenia, Asociatia Autism Baia Mare - Romania, Sementera - Italy, CEPER Arcipreste DE HITA - Spain, Regional minicipality of Bornholm - Center for Psychiatry and disabilities - Denmark, Universtitatea BABES BOLYAI - Romania, CARDET - Centre for advancement of research and development in educatrional tehnology LTD – Cyprus

• “e-learning training package”
• Promotional materials in the area of art therapy activities
• Preparation of standards of quality for these activities
• Dissemination and research of the area
• Exchange of knowledge
• Web page of the project

(Co-funding): The implementation of this project is funded by the European Commission. The content of the publication (communication) is the responsibility of the author, and does not represent the views of the European Commission.




The film about ŠENT and presentation of ŠENT's Social Entrepreneurship

Volunteer work measurement guide (by ILO Department of Statistics)

International Projects
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